whats up hobknocker?

Gio or Giovanni
19. Nj.
Arsenal and Barcelona <3
France and Brasil<3
i make people laugh, for the most part lol

Follow me at my other places but not all way home thats just creepy lmao...
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My usual post about class being a drag lol

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I’m glad to know this thing I’m going through isn’t forever Sucks that I have to deal with it now but hey I put myself into this situation… Oh naive me I learn every day haha

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It’s actually Great that I have that constant reminder I don’t have to try anymore lol

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I hate going out of my way for something or someone I’m not even relatively interested in but I need this grade man ahh kiss my ass

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These dreams man 😒

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Studying is annoying

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Lmao saw a perfect example of girl rejecting a guy cause he didn’t provide enough benefits to her even though he was doing his masters in college and was going somewhere in his life he didn’t drive a nice car atm lmao I’m done

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Liberty Walk Nissan GTR by Dylan King Photography on Flickr.

The Last Hurrah (by VisualEchos)